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What sets Complete Canine Companion apart from the national raw dog food brands is that we use local USDA Grade meats and fresh vegetables and fruits from local farmers markets.   Like the national brands, we follow Agriculture / FDA regulations, unlike them we follow the National Research Council (NRC) requirements to build a balanced diet. Although AFFCO is the norm for national brands to follow, AFFCO takes the NRC findings and increases the requirements by as much as 40%. The assumption is that the nutritional value is lost in the processing.

Our goal is to build a balanced diet, using fresh whole foods with minimal synthetic vitamins and minerals. We do not use any fillers or preservatives. We select vegetables and fruits according to their value and availability, keeping starch and fiber to a minimum; dogs do not process them well.

I have always rotated my dogs’ blends, there are different amino acids in every protein. Unless the dog has allergies to a specific protein or their system cannot digest high amounts of proteins or fats, rotating is recommended. Some customers purchase one of each of my 5 blends.

To find the perfect blend for your dog, look at the profile for each of my blends to determine which one best fits your dogs needs.

Raw is not for everyone. As a canine nutritionist I do recommend other types of foods if they meet the needs of the dog. Not all dogs are alike.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing the best food plan for your companions!


Linda Hilger, Owner

Complete Canine Companion, LLC


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