Chicken & Vegetables

The Chicken in our Chicken & Veggies comes  from a family owned packing house here in North Carolina; I have been doing business with them for almost a decade. They are truly a family run business, from my sales person to my delivery person.  They partner with local chicken farmers that meet their high standards; allow chickens to eat what they would naturally, are hormone and steroid free, have no additives or preservatives and treat their chickens in accordance with the USDA guidelines.

We use ‘eight piece’ chicken’, everything but the back and neck. We grind the chicken here in my commercial kitchen with bone and skin on.

The organ meat, also from Prestige, is also ground here in my kitchen.

All vegetables are from the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market.

My dogs were raised eating Chicken & Veggies about 80% of the time, rotating the other blends 20%. Now that they are seniors and I feed them according to their needs.

I hope your pups enjoy their Chicken & Veggies as much as mine have!

Linda Hilger, Owner

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