Natural Jerkys

I started dehydrating high quality meats as treats to supplement our raw dog food. The goal was to make simple jerkys using USDA lean meats and vegetables from the farmers markets. A bag of Beef & Kale contains… beef and kale. No preservatives or fillers.

Dehydrated treats that DO NOT require refrigeration:

  • Beef & Kale
  • Turkey & Carrots
  • Pork & Apples
  • Chicken Breast
  • Beef Liver

Dehydrated treats that DO require FREEZING:

  • Salmon (just salmon!)
  • Chicken Gizzards (a great chew)
  • Chicken Feet (Omega 3s, Vitamin E, Collagen)
  • Pizzle (Bully Sticks, from a local butcher; no preservatives added. no stain – no stink. The ultimate chew to clean teeth!)

Prices: All treats are at least net 5 oz and $10.00 per bag.
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