Raw Dog Food

Fresh Ingredients from local Charlotte Farmers Markets (when available)

At Complete Canine Companion, we start our food plan with the nutritional needs of the dog, then build the ingredients to create a balanced diet using livestock and produce from local farmers in all of our foods when available.

Raw and fresh foods contain natural vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes that support the immune system; the body’s defense against infection and foreign substances.

Our customer’s have busy lives  so we strive to provide fresh food in a variety of convenient packaging. A four pound pail contains pre-measured frozen 1 oz. cubes ready to thaw and serve.

Embracing the growing trend of buying fresh / local foods, we sell our frozen raw dog food and natural treats in local farmers markets, direct from our kitchen in Central Charlotte; visit our home page for locations.

We look forward to including you and your four-legged family into our family and sharing our knowledge and experience with you.


Linda Hilger, Owner

Complete Canine Companion, LLC




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