The Cavaliers!

I switched to Compete Canine Companion foods and treats soon after I adopted my first Cavalier puppy (Duke). He has been on this raw diet since he was 12 weeks old. Everyone I know talks about how beautiful his coat is. When I went back to the breeder to get my second Cavi almost a year and a half later and brought Duke to meet his new sister, the breeder said Duke was the most beautiful dog and I must be doing something right. Both my dogs love the food and treats. Because Cavaliers are known to have several health problems I wanted mine to be on the best food available – and they are. Not only are they at a healthy weight which is important – they are completely healthy and happy. I couldn’t imagine feeding them anything else.

Our Pugs!

Our pugs began having anal gland issues as they grew older. We thought we were feeding them the best food but it turns out that wasn’t the case…enter Complete Canine Companion! After a very scary anal gland incident we started researching food options and determined it was time to switch to a raw diet. We met Linda at the Farmers Market and took home a sample of the beef and it was the best decision we ever made! Neither of our pugs have had any further anal gland issues and they are both happy and healthy little boys!! Their coats are so soft and shiny and most people don’t believe me when I tell them they are 5 and 8. They both love CCC and do a happy dance for every meal! As an added bonus the pizzle sticks are great for healthy teeth and gums and our pugs LOVE them!

Also because our boys have done so well on CCC our new puppy was started on it immediately to ensure she gets the best nutrition possible for her to grow up healthy and happy! And pizzle sticks are a great substitute for fingers and toes!!

Michelle Lucas


I just opened his food last week. Best batch to date and no seizure since 8-28. Yea!

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