Turkey & Veggies

The Turkey in our Turkey & Veggies comes from Atlanta, pre-ground with skin on. Unfortunately, Turkey is a seasonal choice for we humans and difficult to find year-round. It is USDA human grade meat. We use egg shells and Seaweed Calcium to replace the bone, keeping the Calcium to Phosphorus ratio: 1.13:1.

All vegetables are from the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market.

As my dogs got older, I rotated more Turkey into their diets. My Turkey blend is 13% Protein, as much as my Pork and Chicken blends, but less fat. Less fat means less calories. I recommend Turkey & Veggies for senior dogs, overweight dogs, and dogs with heart issues.

I hope your pups enjoy their Turkey & Veggies as much as my mine have!

Linda Hilger, Owner

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