As of October 30th, Door Delivery’s will be Saturday between 10am and 2pm with an additional $7 fee within zip codes.

Orders for pick-up at Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, 1801 Yorkmont Road, are Saturday between 8am and 1pm.

Orders are made online only. There will be some available stock unreserved at the Farmers Market but no guarantees.

Pork & Veggies has been discontinued.

Non-GMO-free Chicken & Veggies will be discontinued after November 13th but available online until the reserve runs out.

New GMO free, small farm raised chicken will be available January 2022. Check the website and message board to confirm the available dates.
Available now: Turkey & Veggies, Chicken & Veggies (non-GMO free), Duck & Veggies, Rabbit & Veggies, Beef & Veggies.